The beginnings of a young farmer

Do you remember those days when you were young and trying to figure out what you wanted to be in life?

I was 20 years old when I attended a grazing school to learn more about livestock, pastures, and managing them profitably.

After that eye opening experience, I knew what I wanted to do. I set out to bring a farm together where I could raise animals in their natural environment.

Taking a break from the heat and enjoying a nice little breeze.

Taking a break from the heat and enjoying a nice little breeze.

Success is rare with start up farms

The fact of the matter is, my career of choice is a difficult one to get into. However, I think I've discovered the solution. 

I believe that the more I enable you to find clean wholesome nutrition, the closer I'll be to making my dream a reality.

My goal is to develop a community of like-minded folks who love my little family, my little farm, my services, and everything that we're trying to accomplish.

From that community, I will find the support needed to make my wildest schemes a functioning part of the real world.


Success is inevitable

This is my mindset, and I believe in it with everything I've got.

I know that I can fill a spot in your life that's been missing.  A connection to real food raised by someone you trust.

You know that every time you cook a Poultry Guy chicken, it'll be delicious, safe from food borne illnesses, and the birds always enjoy a life outdoors.

These are hard to find qualities and they are becoming more and more popular by the day.


The ultimate goal

I want you to employ me, I am at your service.  I will raise your chickens, turkeys, and pigs for now, hopefully other animals later.  If you need something I don't have, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I want you to enable me to bring on other helpful people to serve you in ways that I don't have time to.  For example, a gardener who can supply you with fresh vegetables, a dairyman who milks a few cows and makes cheeses, an intern who takes on daily duties so I can focus on other important things, etc...

I want you to enjoy the farm as if it were your own. Visit the pigs wallowing in their slough, check on the chickens chasing crickets, watch the turkeys strut around and show off, or simply enjoy the regular on-line updates.

I want you to tell your friends about this wonderful experience that I have to offer so that they can join in with us too.


This Farm is a work in progress

As we go along, I'm certain that all those things listed above will be happening at some point. It's only a matter of time before the opportunities fall into place and we're off and running.

Probably the biggest obstacle to kicking this all off at this very moment is land accessibility. 

I've continually got my eye out for the right opportunity to lease 10-20 acres and get this farm plan of mine on the map.

If you're on my email list, you'll be among the first to know what's happening when.

Stay tuned!


When did you discover the job or activity that you're most passionate about?

Leave your reply below!

It's never too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving

Most Thanksgiving day cooks wait until the last minute to pick up a frozen turkey from Wal-Mart for $1.40/lb, just in time for the big day.

These people are making a sad, uninformed, mistake if you ask me.

Why is this a mistake?  Because that turkey was never let outside to enjoy the sunshine, chase grasshoppers, eat all kinds of plants, and get lots of good healthy exercise.

That turkey from Wal-Mart had its beak clipped so it couldn't cannibalize its brethren(really high stress environment), had the ends of its toes whacked off so it wouldn't hurt the people handling them(they have really powerful legs), was raised wing to wing with thousands of others, fed a strict diet of high protein feed to make them gain weight as fast as possible, and then likely had a long uncomfortable highway ride, huddled in a cramped cage to their ultimate demise.

I'm giving you the very best case scenario. Reality was possibly far worse when we take into account the tendency for calculated animal abuse in these operations. Also, not to mention the vaccines and drugs used to keep them on their feet so they could be sold.

No one really knows what you're serving your family when you buy from Wal-Mart.

Everybody knows how my turkeys were treated, raised, kept, etc... I'm a compassionate, transparent, husbandman and I love my animals.  I'll be sending you pictures and everything.

I get them straight from the hatchery, only provide unmedicated feeds, administer no vaccinations, give them freedom to roam, slaughter them as quickly and pain free as possible right on the farm, and inject no "flavor enhancing solutions" to improve their taste(none needed when raised correctly), and they keep all their toes and beaks until the very end.

So there it is folks, order from me and you'll have a clear conscience when you give thanks on Thanksgiving day with your friends and family.


I am ordering babies on the 13th of this month, order your turkey before then to secure one.  I won't have many extras, if any.   

Please specify desired weight.

I am planning to process my birds the weekend before Thanksgiving so they're fresh and ready for your table. 

I also plan to have them weighing about 11-20 lbs.

My asking price will be $2.99/lb.

That's a total price of $33-$60 depending on size.


Email me here: lorenfisk@thepoultryguy.com to make your order and ask any questions you might come up with.