Refreshed, Refocused, Renewed

Allison, Elias, and I just returned from our annual church convention two weeks ago and they were such good days.

You know that special feeling when you’re in a room with a couple hundred other souls that are humbly desiring God to guide and direct their life? That’s what this was, and you could feel a tremendous energy there.

We sat in almost 20 hours of gospel meetings over the course of 4 days, and I can say for myself that I always leave these conventions with my life changed.

The Adventure

We took our new tent from Cabela’s with us and enjoyed some outdoor sleeping. Elias had never done that before, he thought it was fantastic.

Just before bed time every night, he would be scampering here, there, and all over that tent because it was so exciting.

The weather was ideal and we had the company of my brother, his family, and my sister in neighboring tents.

Our weekend was perfect in every way.

Here’s what I discovered for myself

Before the convention, God had been bringing a couple chapters from 1st Timothy to my attention.

In 3:1-7 I found a wonderful outline for my own life, I feel that God wants me to live up to these verses in their entirety. Some of the things mentioned there are really easy for me to do, others I realize I fall quite short.

6:6-12 These verses were both a warning and direction to me. I’m very ambitious and all too often I get caught up in desiring so many things that I don’t have.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” -If I can just remember this, I’ll be in good shape.

The take away

God laid on my heart a need to realize what He has blessed me with today, and to be a good and faithful servant in taking care of those blessings.

The devil is so good at deceiving me into thinking I’d be happy if I just had this, or I just had that.

Thankfully, taking time every day to be quiet, pray, meditate, and read a few verses really helps me stay grateful for what I have and content in my place.

When I take an honest look at things, I know that I have been given so much more than I deserve in all aspects of my life.

What are a couple of the greatest things God has given you?