Another one gone

Tomorrow morning, Allison, Elias and I are taking an unexpected trip to Wisconsin.

I got the text Sunday morning, it was the first thing I saw when I woke up.

"Your Uncle Daryl had a massive heart attack last night, he's gone."

So there it was, the 3rd death in my close family in under two years.  I'd like this trend to taper off here for a while.

However, much as I want to wish for things, we've definitely got to deal with reality and move forward.

All week I've been looking forward to finally arriving in Wisconsin to grieve with my family.  We're very tight knit, everybody will be there.

At this point, it's difficult for me to even believe, and I know my aunt and four cousins especially are dealing with some major shock right now. 

Thankfully, I know God has a perfect plan, and I trust in that.  I believe we will see some good things emerge from the chaos, in time.

I hope and pray that they seek the good Lord's guidance and comfort while they navigate such turbulence. 

If you would, I know they'd appreciate a few prayers sent their way.

Thanks, and best wishes.