A unifying connection in meeting needs

This world is driven by needs and wants, every move is to fulfill one or the other.

When our needs are easily and consistently met, we tend to forget the importance of our needs being met. We are then susceptible to losing our empathy for needy people.

This is how we can become focused on our own wants, and heedless of others’ needs.

Generally, I think people have forgotten about their needs here in the U.S. and are often directed solely by wants.

There’s nothing wrong with this necessarily, but most will lose touch with reality.

When I focus on my needs, I realize that I am an extremely rich man and capable of sharing. When I focus on my wants, I’m continually dissatisfied with my present and capable of hoarding.

my selfishness gets in the way at times

It seems to me, that what I really need out of life is food, water, shelter, comfortable clothing, fellowship with friends and family, and an assurance that those things will continue.

Sadly, I often take these blessings for granted. What if I could just focus on meeting my own needs, and then help others meet their needs with my surpluses?

I get caught up in thinking I “need” this, that, and the other, so I’ve gotta keep my excess for myself or I won’t get everything I want.

In Ecclesiastes 11, we’re told to cast our bread upon the waters and after many days it’ll return to us.

So the more I am unselfish, the more I will eventually have to be unselfish with. That sounds like a good life to me.

Perhaps the solution for global unrest?

I was thinking, if everybody took these lessons to heart, would there be a war on this earth? Would there be starvation, disease, loneliness, fear, or hatred? Maybe yes, but I’d say certainly not to today’s extent.

I think the world has in excess all the necessities for its human population. Due to selfish pride, the human population just doesn’t allow all the needs to be met.

Here’s what we can do.

The ones making a positive impact today are those who personally make the effort to meet the need. Share your love, food, shelter, clothing, fellowship, whatever you’ve got, with those who lack. Fill the gap, make the difference, offer a hand up.

I know this is the key to enjoying my own life, and it makes the world a better place to live besides.

What do you say, are you with me?