Soil health, the basis of all health and well being.

In my experience reading health tips and tricks, only in the "radical/alternative" health world have I found consistent emphasis on the importance of meat and vegetables raised in/on healthy soil.

I believe soil condition is one of the most overlooked factors in determining where healthy food comes from.

First, before anything else, we need to know what healthy soil is.

A balanced and complete soil has more individual life forms in a teaspoon's worth, than the human population on earth.  

Unfortunately, soil that is tilled often, chemically bombarded, and compacted by heavy machinery is continually set back in developing the complexity needed for health and wellness.

Alternatively, healthy soil should only be lightly ruffled, periodically massaged by animal feet, fertilized with fresh manure, and left to rest until plant growth has fully recovered.

If you are concerned with the quality of your food, you should be aware of how your farmer treats his/her soil.  Herein is the importance of shopping local, food literacy is the first step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Major health tip: Just because it's labeled organic doesn't mean it's healthy and nutritious.  Often times, organic methods are just as, or more, destructive than non-organic.

Stay healthy my friends :)