Hey, Mr. Poultry Guy, what about turkeys this year?

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, we will have turkeys available this year fresh for Thanksgiving dinner.

The bad news is I'm not raising them.

I decided this year that I simply can't take the time for them since I ordered another batch of chickens.

So who is raising them you ask?

Vaughn, Allison's Dad.

This is only bad news because, I'm exceptionally picky about how my animals are brought up, and I feel that my methods are superior to everybody else's.  It's the little things.

Vaughn has three hundred (more or less) conventional white turkeys right now.  He feeds them alfalfa hay and a grain ration along with grit.

The part I find most regrettable is that he doesn't have time and resources to get them out on fresh green forage.  This is made up in a small way by the alfalfa portion of their diet, but still falls short of desirable.

So here's some more good news.  This turkey will still be better than any turkey you can find at Cobourns or Wal-mart.  


Because they will be slaughtered safely and cleanly by people who care about you.  They have the opportunity to roam the outdoors, though limited.  And lastly, you will support a business that will do it properly next year.

I promise.

Please remember, I'm just getting this thing rolling. It'll take some time to iron out all the little details and get it perfect. 

Are you with me?

Then order a turkey! :-D