Sad news with a thankful twist

Perhaps you noticed, I missed my every other week blog/email.

I got the text Thursday morning, the 7th of this month.  Grandma passed away.

Last weekend was spent with friends and family grieving our loss rather than keeping my writing schedule.

She had been diagnosed with cancer and battled for just over a year.  I'm thankful that she can rest now.  

Perhaps even slightly envious that she has won the race and received her reward.  I look forward to that day too.

We left that morning after finding out, and finished the 12.5 hour trip by 9:30 p.m.  Elias fully surpassed all my expectations, he rode nearly without complaint the entire way.  

As long as his belly was full and his diaper relatively fresh anyhow.


My last 5 years at home in IL were spent right next door to grandpa and grandma, I feel very connected to them.

Those old folks made my day better every time I visited them.

Once I moved away, I gave grandma a call every two or three weeks just to keep in touch.

Grandma was the second one I called, after my Mom, when Allison and I began dating.  I wanted her to know all about it directly from me.

I'm very happy that we got to visit her one last time in July, she wanted to see her little great grand baby again so badly.


My grandparents had been married for over 50 years.  That's an accomplishment.  

I just hope to carry on the torch of love for God and humankind that she bore so faithfully through the years.


I'm going to miss that lady, she was the best.