Summer Grilling

When it comes to everyday cooking, I like to keep things simple.

Grilled chicken is easily one of my favorite dishes (along with almost anything grilled).

One of the biggest issues I ran into was thoroughly cooking the meat, yet still keeping it moist and succulent.  The varying thicknesses of chicken parts make it something of a challenge.

Also, since I have a charcoal grill, my temperatures and conditions are harder to control. This makes grilling even more of an art!

My Mom taught me a trick that has made juicy, awesome, amazing grilled chicken simple and easy.  Parboiling!

Once my chicken is all cut up, I get some water boiling and then throw it in for 3-5 minutes.

When my grill is hot, I simply put the chicken on until it's nicely browned and ready for eating.

This way, most of the cooking is done in a controlled environment that's easy to manage, and then I grill the chicken for a short time to get the amazing flavor!

Be sure to take small parts like wings off of the grill sooner than thicker parts like thighs, they cook through much faster.

You know you did it right when the meat right next to a leg or thigh bone, in the thickest part, is white and firm vs. pinkish and raw looking.

Lastly, if you like BBQ chicken like me, have a bowl of your favorite sauce with a brush sitting by the grill.  

When the chicken is pretty much done, paint the BBQ on each piece and let it grill for 30-45 seconds each side.  This caramelizes the sauce and concentrates the flavors.  If you leave it longer, the BBQ begins charring quickly.

I prefer grilling Forager chickens because they have longer, slimmer muscle conformation that lends itself to proper cooking.

I hope you find this little write up helpful!  If you have questions about cooking chicken in any way Email me!