Training Pigs to Perform Community Service

Ok, ok, "training pigs" suggests that I painstakingly spent hours and hours on this little project.

In reality, it was quite easy and required little time as a "trainer" and more time as a servant/slave.  Also known as everyday livestock husbandry.

I work in the same place 5-6 days a week, almost always traveling the same exact road.  I'm a very observant pilot, much to the chagrin of my wife.

Evidently, me hitting the rumble strip multiple times while ogling bulldozers, dump trucks, and excavators is "stressful" for her.

That being said, on my way to work I noticed a front yard with 3 loaded apple trees just beginning to unload the season's bounty.

On my way home I stopped and asked the lady of the house if I could harvest her fallen apples every two-three days.

She said that was okay but the apples didn't taste all that great and had all sorts of worm holes.  I told her my pigs didn't care, and proceeded to glean her yard of every last apple.

I brought my load home, dumped it to the pigs, and was immediately rewarded with crunching apple noises and delighted grunting.

So, my apple tree owner is happy to have a clean yard, I'm happy to feed my pigs, and my pigs are happy to eat plenty of apples.  

Triple win for community building experience initiated by swine!