Flavor Vs. Production

As you most likely know, I offer two breeds of chicken.  The Broad Breasted and the Forager.

It's been something of a test run these last two years, because I had never raised the Forager type before.

With more knowledge on how the two differ in growth and meat quality, I'm beginning to draw a few conclusions.

1) F chickens take 4-5 weeks longer to reach the same weight as the BB chickens.

That comes out to 22 extra hours of labor.  another difference is that my BB chickens have a significantly leaner carcass at the same weight.

2) F chickens taste better than BB chickens

Allison and I have noticed that there is simply more wholesome and hearty chicken flavor in F meat.

3) F Chickens are harder to butcher than BB chickens

F chickens are harder to open up, remove intestines, and de-feather.  They are put together stronger than BB chickens.  This point matters big time when there are 50+ birds to do that day.

I have one last detail to figure out, feed conversion of the F vs. BB.  I believe that the F chicken eats more to achieve the same weight as the BB, but I have yet to assemble the numbers.

Considering all the above, I may have to raise my Forager chicken prices next year.  They take longer to grow, are harder to butcher, and I think they eat more feed in the process.