Why You Should Buy From Me: Part 2

In Part 1, I covered the lives of the farmers and the chickens involved in the mass produced confinement environment.  The big box store birds.

This time, I want to talk about the slaughter facilities these same chickens are run through.

I've been building for Dakota Provisions in Huron lately, and work with a group of guys that have remodeled and built many slaughtering plants around the country.

My superintendent and his wife will never eat turkey again because of the conditions they found in a butterball plant they were working on.

A fella named Cody told me he can never eat at taco bell again because of the awful stench in the plant that produces their meat.

Now, I realize that these testimonies aren't about chicken producing factories, but from what I've read/heard, these conditions are consistent throughout the meat producing world.

I want to go into the quality of life lived by the employees at these places.

The vast majority of them come from low income areas of living.  Many smoke, drink excessively, do drugs, get in trouble with the law, etc...

In short, they aren't overly concerned about their own health and wellness, why would they care about you?

Are you concerned about who handles your food?  I prefer eating food raised and processed by individuals who care about me and my family.

My job as a farmer who direct markets, depends on two things.  High quality, safe, clean meat, and awesome customer service.  Otherwise, no one will ever consider buying from me a second time, and I will never succeed.

I've got a reputation to build, and relationships to maintain.  I must be trustworthy at all times.

Who do you believe is best suited to put food on your table?