Why You Should Buy From Me: Part 1

Happily, you can have positive impact up and down the entire structure of society, if you take the time to learn what you're actually buying.

Patronizing a business, supports the whole line up of individuals and establishments that worked together to offer the product or service.

Every time a customer buys a chicken from Wal-mart(or most big box stores), they are inadvertently supporting Wal-mart's system.  Let me tell you about the individuals and establishments working to provide that Wal-mart chicken.

We'll start with Tyson.  Tyson owns just about every part of the production line.  The hatchery, the chicks, the feed mills, the slaughtering facilities, and transportation.

The farmers who raise the chickens are required to build the barns and own the land. Chicks, feed, and bedding are supplied by Tyson.  Once the birds are raised and hauled away, it's the farmers job to find a place for the manure.

These chicken farmers are an oppressed people who are chained by immense debt and a stressful work load.

They are required to play by Tyson's rules.  Anytime Tyson wants the farmer to pay for an upgrade, the farmer is obligated to do it. Why? Because if Tyson is unhappy with the farmer or the farmer's facilities, they can, and will, withhold chicks.

If the farmer can't raise chicks, he can't make money.  If he can't make money, he can't pay on the debt incurred by his big barns.

Unfortunately, there is nobody else to turn to to buy chicks, raise, and sell them for a livable profit.  Sounds like a monopoly to me.

Now, lets take a look at the quality of life these chickens have.  

For the entire span of their 6-8 week existence, chickens raised by Tyson farmers eat powdery feed, in a crowded environment, where they never see the sunlight.

If I imagine myself as a chicken, I'd much rather have fresh air, sunshine, room to run, room to scratch, and a smorgasbord of fresh morsels to eat.  

God specifically designed every specie of animal for a wonderful task.  I say allow them the opportunity to fulfill their life purpose! 

So, the birds' lives are boring and sad, and the farmers are not enjoying the independence we've all been given in this country.

I have more to say on this topic, so stay tuned. :-)

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