The Poultry Guy now has... Pigs?!

That's right folks :) and I am super duper excited about them!

American Guinea Hog is the breed, and they are going to perform some wonderful tasks for me.

I intend to turn and invigorate my garden with them in the spring and fall.  They are awesome light tillage equipment.

They will be rotated on pasture with my chicks following close behind.  Chickens prefer shorter plant life to pick through, so this way I don't have to mow in front of them.

My hogs will delightfully consume all sorts of kitchen scraps, turning them into delicious bacon.

In November, I hope my gilts (young female pigs) will have some babies.  

And last but most certainly not least, my hogs will taste amazing.  If you've never tasted pasture raised pork, let me tell you, you're missing out.

So, within two years, I should have plenty of pastured American Guinea Hog meat available by the half!  Check in with me now if you're interested, I'll make sure you're the first to know when you can get some. :-)