Allison's Lesson

Through my growing up years, back in Illinois, we always raised our own chickens for the freezer.

Allison, my wife, never had the luxury of eating pastured chickens until I raised them for us last year.  So, she learned this lesson the hard way when we went to Ryan's Hangar, in Huron, last month with the company I work for.

Since my boss was paying, I took full advantage and ordered Alaskan King Crab Legs.  A very tasty dish if you ask me.

Allison decided that Parmesan Chicken was the dish she wanted.

What she learned:  Don't order chicken anywhere unless it has been raised similarly to the way I raise it.

Her $18 meal was a huge disappointment, and that's what happens when you become accustomed to good meat.

I'm thinking I need to contact Ryan's Hangar Restaurant to see if they're interested in serving high quality chicken to match their high quality prices.