My Thanks For Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving.  For me, this particular weekend has always been overflowing with family, fellowship, food, and fun.

If I could keep my mind focused on being thankful for the multitude of wonderful blessings given to me on a regular basis, I could never have a bad day.  

Here's a short list of things that I am appreciative of:

  1. The freedom and opportunity to worship God as He directed us to, through the life of Christ.
  2. My own little family that I get to come home to every day
  3. All of my extended family+friends
  4. My wonderful customers who just love my chickens and turkeys
  5. Natural provisions: food, clothing, shelter, all of which are of great quality
  6. My farm animals and their ability to sooth my mind body and soul
  7. Living in South Dakota, I love this region

Really, when I take a close look at what all I do have, I realize that life is pretty grand.  It's only when I lose my thankfulness that I run into impatience, discontent, and aggravation.

I need to remember that.

What are you thankful for this year?