Cold Weather Brings New Challenges to the Farm

Thursday 5:49 P.M.

With wind chill from 25-35 mph winds, temps are below freezing.

I'm tired from work, pulling into my driveway, and immediately note one of my chicken tractor roofs blew off.  Fabulous.

This is where raising livestock loses its appeal , I've got animals to care for and no desire to face the elements.

Donning sufficient clothing, I headed out to take care of my little birdies.  My clothing is insufficient. 

My roosters are all huddled out of the wind as best they can be.  Smart birds, I envy them.

Now, for my blown away roof. 

Maneuvering a small metal roof in high winds is like being the tail on a giant kite.  I finally managed to manipulate the gusts into helping me lift my roof in place once again.

Next step, feed + water. Check.

Grab all remaining birds outside and get them under cover. Check.

Maintain some level of comfort and positive attitude.  Failed.

I mentally note that I will never again raise chickens or turkeys past the 3rd weekend in October.  Nature's cold weather forces are far too intimidating.


On the bright side, two of my gilts had their little piggies last weekend!


Thankfully, they cuddle up into little pig piles and keep warm in this chilly weather.  I have 7 of them now.

Raising animals is mostly fun and rewarding :-)