Finally, A Day to Relax

Not long into December, I lost my construction job due to a slow winter ahead.  Thankfully, my prayers were answered, and within a week I had a new one.

I've been working with Gleeson Constructors and Engineers for just over a month now, finishing the addition to Dakota Provisions' refrigerated warehouse in Huron.  I love my job, I enjoy being with my co-workers, I only have a 20 minute drive every day, I've been working long hours at better pay/hour, etc...  

Also, I sold my truck and was able to pay off the last of my debt on it, besides putting a healthy chunk in the savings account.  Allison and I are hoping and scheming to have all of our debt paid off this year!

One other thing I'm excited about is that we may be able to afford some poultry processing equipment this spring.  Most specifically a plucker, but perhaps a temperature controlled scalder too.  These additions will be absolute dynamite when it comes to slaughter day for our birds.

I'm looking forward to ordering chicks this spring, I love raising those little puffballs.

Remember, this year I will only have chickens and turkeys available if you pre-order them, and I must have $2/bird deposit before I can start raising your order.  So, please be looking ahead to see what your poultry needs are for the coming year!

Have a great week, spring is just around the corner!