Hey folks, I'm Loren Fisk. I just want to put up a quick post and tell you what I'm planning on doing here.

Currently, I'm a carpenter, and it's good work, but my heart is in agriculture.  I'm doing what I must to take good care of my wife, Allison, and baby, Elias (Eli for short).

I'm a livestock man; besides my current poultry endeavors, my long term goals include raising (at least once in my lifetime) goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, and operating a dairy. 

Value added products, such as raw milk cheese and smoked meats also hold interest for me.  However, I'll need to build or acquire a commercial kitchen before I can jump in there.  

What it comes down to, is that chickens and turkeys are my first step.  Once I get the local support of you consumers, I'll be well on my way towards diversifying and experimenting with my goals.

You will find that my products feature excellent flavor and enjoyment that is all too rare these days.  Visit my Store today and discover for yourself the exceptional quality of poultry that I have to offer. 

Thanks for visiting, and please come again!